Aikido Kokikai

Aikido Kokikai is a self-defense art that uses throws and pins to defend against striking and grabbing attacks. One moves out of the way of an attack and simultaneously uses the attack's momentum to unbalance and redirect the attacker. In other words, Aikido Kokikai uses timing, evasion, and redirection, not great physical strength in order to neutralize an attack.

Aikido Kokikai has a minimalist aesthetic expressed as "minimum effort for maximum effect". In Kokikai the ideal technique is the most natural and comfortable one, requiring the least movement and the least energy. Kokikai is also a modern school of Aikido: our techniques continually evolve and become more effective against realistic attacks.


Aikido Kokikai has no competitions, matches, or weight classes. Men and women of different ages, sizes, and levels of experience can practice together comfortably. Practice is at the student's pace, so that everyone can enjoy Aikido Kokikai, not only the young and physically fit.

In addition to self-defense techniques, students learn to roll safely and comfortably. Students also learn movement exercises that improve balance, coordination, gracefulness, and posture, as well as deep breathing and meditation exercises that improve calmness, relaxation, and concentration. Practice also includes training with tanto (wooden knife), bokken (wooden sword) and jo (wooden staff).